Technology-driven construction management, pursuing public and private works, to become a leading construction firm with sustainable growth.

BANGKOK, Jan 27, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Civil Engineering PCL (SET: CIVIL), Thailand’s leading integrated construction and civil engineering firm, made a debut on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on Thursday, 27 January, with the ‘CIVIL’ symbol. Its launch is marked by operations which are capable of achieving net profit margins above the industry average.

Piyadit Atsavasirisuk, CEO of Civil Engineering PCL (2nd left), and Pichet Sithiamnuai, President of Bualuang Securities PCL (3rd left), financial advisor and lead underwriter, offered 200,000,000 shares of CIVIL at 4.60 baht per share to investors on 19-21 January with the 1st trading day for CIVIL on the SET today, 27 January.

That capability is resulting from the company’s focus on employing technology to raise efficiency in managing diverse construction projects both in terms of types and sizes; delivering quality and safe works within the specified budget.

CIVIL is also aggressively pursuing public and private projects, along with increasing revenues from its production and distribution of construction materials on its pathway to become a leading construction company with sustainable growth while driving the Thai economy and society.

Piyadit Atsavasirisuk, Chief Executive Officer of CIVIL, expressed confidence that CIVIL’s shares would receive enthusiastic response on the first trading, backed by the company’s track record dating back to over 50 years with over 1,000 large-scale construction projects and major infrastructure schemes being successfully executed.

CIVIL’s experience and expertise are in railway works, double-track railways and high-speed trains; airports; dams and reservoirs; Industrial estates; and other infrastructure construction which aims to use modern technology and innovations to increase business efficiency.

The company has also leveraged of its competitive advantages in terms of civil engineering personnel, machinery and equipment and its own manufacturing plants of building material parts. Those elements have allowed CIVIL to manage project construction costs efficiently, providing quality works within the set budget.

The company has therefore earned the trust from government agencies as a top-rank contractor to underscore its ability to manage large infrastructure projects. CIVIL has planned to introduce modern technology, new methods, modern machinery and tools to constantly take its construction project management to the next levels.

The company is striving to achieve the ‘Economy of Speed’ by employing technology to plan the construction projects from start to finish, as well as adopting modern management principles emphasizing on agility and resilience to adapt to the changing industry.

That will enable CIVIL to increase its capabilities to support the government’s large-scale infrastructure construction expansion plans, in the forms of bidding for projects, participating in public-private investment projects (PPP), and forming business partnership to manage large government projects and expanding works to private clients.

These plans are geared towards capturing opportunities arising from the country’s growing construction industry, striking a balance between construction business and construction project management conducive to generating good returns in terms of gross profit and net profit margin that is consistently outstanding.

At the same time, CIVIL has also applied technology to its plants that make precast concrete, ready mix concrete, asphaltic concrete, pre-stressed concrete and corrugated steel railings (for road-side car barriers) and sewers. This is all about creating good growth for the business group producing and selling construction materials for distribution to business partners and for managing construction projects.

Meanwhile, the company has had its mining concession of limestone, which is the main raw material for construction and cement making, renewed – a move that has enabled CIVIL to maintain good cost management advantages in construction projects.

Piyadit said: “We aim to become a leading construction company with sustainable growth, by applying modern technology to enhance the operational potential in all dimensions to support the management of large-scale state infrastructure projects and private works. We are committed to delivering valuable and safe works under the specified budget to improve people’s quality of life, advancing Thai economy and society.”

Pichet Sithiamnuai, President of Bualuang Securities PCL, as a financial advisor and underwriter of CIVIL, noted that CIVIL has high growth potential with investment opportunities in the public sector’s transportation infrastructure that is in a good growth stage.

This allows the company to tap its outstanding competitive advantages from using technology to enhance project management efficiency, creating an opportunity to participate in public construction projects and expanding its footprints on private schemes.

“All in all, this will enable CIVIL to maintaining the ability to generate good returns from operations. We believe that CIVIL deserves the status of a growth stock that will definitely receive a good response from investors,” said Pichet.

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