SINGAPORE, Jan 14, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via – 2021 was a huge year for the cryptocurrency market, with huge strides in growth and adoption of digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain worldwide. It was also an incredible year for Moonstake as we rose to the top rankings of global staking providers, reaching total staking assets of $1.8 billion thanks to the support of our users and partners worldwide. As we begin the new year 2022, Moonstake and our strategic coin partners have much exciting news and programs in store for you as our platforms scale and evolve. To welcome our user community into the exciting new year, we’re creating a series of articles in collaboration with our strategic partners on what you need to know about our partner coins in the year 2022, this time with Ontology.

As of April 2020, Moonstake has been supporting ONT staking via strategic partnership with the development team behind Ontology blockchain. Since then, Moonstake has hosted a number of campaigns that promoted awareness of the Ontology ecosystem as well as adoption of ONT staking to global users. Moonstake’s partner Binarystar has also been providing great support in marketing efforts with event organization and local community development.

In 2021, Ontology worked on bringing trust, privacy, and security to Web3 through providing decentralized identity (DID) and data solutions. Most notably, the team spent much of last year on the development of Ontology EVM (Ethereum virtual machine), which is scheduled for public release in Q1 2022. The EVM aims to establish seamless interoperability between Ontology and the Ethereum platform, and offer an inclusive experience to developers and users, a crucial step in the realization of the Ontology Multi-VM. Additionally, the team also focused on facilitating smooth user access and experience with DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and general decentralized applications. In this article, we will be interviewing our partner at Ontology about what is in store for the Ontology ecosystem and its user community in 2022.

Q1 Which 2021 achievements are you the most proud of?

In 2021, we brought our existing products in line with our broader vision for Web3. We launched the Ontology EVM TestNet, in preparation for the 2022 MainNet launch. ONT ID surpassed 1.5 million users in September, reflecting a major endorsement for decentralized identity, and ONT.ID website has been upgraded to provide full decentralized identity solutions to users.

Ontology’s global growth has accelerated following our partnerships with bloXmove, ROCKI, ZAICO, and AP.LLC, as well as ONT’s listing on Japanese regulated exchanges like Decurret and Huobi Japan.

We’ve also launched a web-based ONTO Wallet, ONTO Web and a decentralized airdrop distribution tool called ONTO Anydrop, making Web3 easily accessible and providing convenience for our ecosystem partners. Ontology’s DeFi lending platform, Wing Finance, also launched on multiple chains including Ethereum, OKExChain, and BSC, together with the support of Any Pool.

As usual, the last year has been full of incredible achievements. We are excited to drive this success further with the help of our ecosystem partners and our global community.

Q2 What measures are you going to take in 2022 to further increase adoption of Ontology?

The MainNet launch of the Ontology EVM will take place during the first quarter of 2022. As part of our multi-VM, it will allow for the deployment of many more dApps on the Ontology blockchain. This approach will not only bring more development, but also will encourage more users to the Ontology blockchain to experience the benefits of a fast, secure, low cost public chain.

2022 is also a year where Web3, and the Metaverse, establishes a greater presence in everyday life for more and more people. Ontology’s wallet solution, ONTO Wallet, already has over 750k users, and will provide a gateway into Web3 for many more. As we continue to develop the DID and data solutions that we are known for, which are crucial to Web3’s success, more users will be encouraged to create their DID and easily access the latest iteration of the internet.

Q3 What can users expect from Ontology in 2022?

As we laid out in our latest roadmap ( ), 2022 is about building the infrastructure and delivering the tools to make Web3 a success. This means greater interoperability, to make cross chain experiences as seamless as possible. It means more collaboration, as chains bring a varying range of benefits to users. At Ontology, we will continue to develop solutions for DID and data, making sure users are onboarded with ease and experience secure, self-sovereign control over their digital existence.

In short, 2022 means more development, more control, more opportunity and an easy access point into Web3 and the Metaverse with Ontology. We look forward to our continued relationship with partners such as Moonstake, and welcome developers, harbingers, builders and new ecosystem partners to join us in building Web3 together.

Moonstake is proud to be strategic partners of Ontology. We will continue to maintain strong support for the ever growing and developing Ontology ecosystem and hope to bring even more great value to ONT and crypto users worldwide in 2022 to help accelerate adoption of the Ontology and Moonstake ecosystems together.

About Moonstake

As a world-leading staking service provider, Moonstake develops and operates decentralized wallet services for enterprises and end users.

Our full-scale staking business started in August 2020. With the support of users all over the world, our total staking assets has risen to 1.8 billion dollars. In June 2021, we ranked third among 15,000 staking providers globally.

So far, we have expanded our business and ecosystem through about 30 strategic partnerships, including major blockchains such as Emurgo which is a constituent organization of Cardano, TRON, and NEO. In May 2021, we became a wholly owned subsidiary of the listed company “OIO Holdings Limited” on the Singapore Stock Exchange and we are working to further expand Moonstake’s business and improve our credibility.

About Ontology

Ontology, the project bringing trust, privacy, and security to Web3 through decentralized identity and data solutions. Ontology is building the infrastructure to provide trusted access to Web3, allowing individuals and enterprises to rest assured that through regulatory compliant digital identity solutions, users and their privacy come first.

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