– On Monday, October 30th, the online production announcement for the web variety show “Short Form Battles! Everyone’s K-Culture” took place.

– The first episode will premiere on the Foundation’s official YouTube channel on Tuesday, October 31st, with a total of 12 episodes to be released weekly.

Seoul, Korea, October 30, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – The King Sejong Institute Foundation (led by president of KSIF, hereinafter “KSIF”) held an online production announcement for the web variety show “Short Form Battles! Everyone’s K-Culture” on Monday, October 30th at 1 PM. The web variety show will begin its weekly release schedule with the first episode on Tuesday, October 31st, available on the Foundation’s official YouTube channel (King Sejong Institute Foundation).

During the live broadcast of the production announcement on the Foundation’s YouTube channel, hosted by Park Seul-gi, the web variety show’s cast, including the King Sejong Institute Foundation Ambassadors Lucky and Daniel, engaged with viewers and shared various stories about the program. They collectively elevated the anticipation of the audience, joined by Day6’s Sungjin and Dowoon.

The King Sejong Institute Foundation’s web variety show, “Short Form Battles! Everyone’s K-Culture,” is a program that delves into everyday Korean culture, offering insights into aspects of daily life in Korea that pique the curiosity of foreigners, particularly amid the recent Korean wave, which has sparked global interest in the Korean language and culture.

This web variety show, which consists of a total of 12 episodes, features not only three King Sejong Institute Foundation ambassadors – Lucky, Alberto, and Daniel, who embody a Korean spirit even more so than many Koreans – but also K-pop stars from the renowned band DAY6 and the girl group OH MY GIRL.

Throughout the program, the cast members embark on various cultural experiences currently popular in Korea. They learn K-pop dances from dance crew 1MILLION, visit coin karaoke rooms and PC bangs, and even go camping. The adventures include visits to traditional markets such as Dongmyo Market, where they explore Korean culinary culture by making gimbap and sampling traditional desserts like yakgwa and tteok, as well as modern convenience store treats. Furthermore, they delve into the world of Korean traditional music.

The cast members immerse themselves in both traditional and contemporary aspects of Korean culture, creating short-form videos that depict their experiences and challenges.

In addition, KSIF plans to engage viewers by offering giveaways and special events tailored to each episode, with the aim of fostering greater enthusiasm among viewers interested in Korean culture.

President Lee Hai-young of the KSIF expressed her delight, stating, “Through the web variety show ‘Short Form Battles! Everyone’s K-Culture,’ we can showcase various aspects of Korea, including K-pop dance, Korean cuisine, fashion, and leisure activities, in an engaging manner. I hope that this will serve as an opportunity for even more people worldwide to become captivated by the uniqueness and charm of our country’s culture and to sustain a high level of interest in the Korean language and culture.”


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