TOKYO, May 21, 2024 – (JCN Newswire via – Hitachi High-Tech Corporation (“Hitachi High-Tech”) and Hitachi, Ltd. (“Hitachi”) announced a collaborative creation (“co-creation”) that utilizes the Materials Informatics (“MI”) solutions provided by the Hitachi Group on the “MACSiMUM*”, AI and machine learning platform, operated by Industrial Technology Research Institute (“ITRI”), the largest industrial technology research and development organization in Taiwan.

Photo at the ceremony

With supported by the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs (Taiwan), a ceremony and a networking event were held in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, to commemorate the start of the co-creation. The representatives discussed the significance of the co-creation and agreed to work together to make effective use of theirtechnical capabilities and resources, with the aim of pursuing new developments and achieving sustainable industrial development in the material science.

In this co-creation, Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation, a Hitachi High-Tech Group company, provides Hitachi’sanalytics platform with MI which supports digital transformation of materials analysis and R&D to ITRI. This will contribute to the provision of a more optimized analytics platform required by customers who use “MACSiMUM”,thereby reducing the number of experiments, improving the efficiency of materials R&D, accelerating the development of new materials, and reducing R&D costs. Through this co-creation, Hitachi High-Tech, Hitachi and ITRI will support the acceleration of digital transformation in Taiwan’s materials development industry, the development of newtechnologies and innovation, while contributing to improvements of industrial standards.

The comments from the representatives of the three parties are as follows.

Tzong-Ming Li, General Director of Material and Chemical Research Laboratories at ITRI “With the support of thescience and technology project of the Department of Industrial Technology of the Ministry of Economic Affairs,we have established a digital platform dedicated to the field of materials chemistry called “MACSiMUM” to help small and medium enterprises in Taiwan adopt digital research and development tools. The collaboration with Hitachi High-Tech and Hitachi will act as a key driving force to the digital transformation of Taiwan’s materials industry. By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, we will help industries accelerate the pace of materials R&D and expand their market competitiveness.”

Toshiaki Ishitani Executive Officer and General Manager, Supply Chain Platform Business Group of Hitachi High-Tech

“We are grateful for the opportunity to engage in collaborative creation with ITRI, a leader in the development of science, technology and industry in Taiwan, as it is the first example of Hitachi High-Tech’s MI-related business beingintroduced to Taiwan customers. By leveraging our unique strengths as both a trading company and manufacturer, wewill continue to support the acceleration of materials R&D in Taiwan and the improvement of market competitiveness.”

Hirotake Ichikawa Social Infrastructure Systems Business Unit, Government & Public Corporation Information SystemsDivision, Officer,Business Unit, President,Division of Hitachi “We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate withITRI. Hitachi will provide a cloud-based analytics platform, with its cutting-edge AI technology and the expertisecultivated by providing MI-based services. By supporting the analysis and visualization of data related to materials development, we will contribute to the promotion of digital transformation in Taiwan, including the acceleration of new materials development.”

*A machine learning platform that is used as an account by Taiwanese companies in materials, chemicals, etc.

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