LOS ANGELES, CA, May 21, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – In a legendary feat of craftsmanship and “stoner ingenuity,” Tommy Chong, celebrated comedian, actor, and icon, has shattered the world record for smoking the largest handcrafted blunt. The previous record stood at just over five pounds, but Chong, along with world-class rollers Dawn “Grasshoppa” Doan and June Da Goon, champions of both the World Rolling Championship and the National Joint League, achieved the unimaginable with a 23.36-pound blunt containing a colossal 21 pounds (9,555g) of marijuana. The monumental event coincides with Tommy Chong’s 86th birthday later this week, making it a double celebration for the cannabis community and fans worldwide.

The event was a testament to the passion and dedication of the cannabis community. Dawn “Grasshoppa” Doan, the world’s first professional female roller, Rolling Champion, and judge, featured in Forbes, High Times, and Vice magazine, expressed her excitement. “It’s moments like this that make all the years of rolling worth it. June and I have been rolling professionally for over 10 years, and to be part of such a historic achievement with a legend like Tommy is beyond words.”

June Da Goon, a five-time rolling champion featured in High Times magazine and on Leafly, highlighted the uniqueness of this blunt. “Most blunts over a couple pounds have to be hooked up to a fan blower. At 20 pounds, this was a feat beyond measure to rip huge clouds using nothing but lung power. There may have been other big rolls, but they didn’t smoke.”

James Alexander, a key organizer of the event, emphasized the significance of its non-commercial nature. “This was a non-sponsored event, completely free of commercialization. It was important for us to do this for the love of the plant and the community. We wanted to celebrate cannabis culture in its purest form, and I believe we succeeded.”

Chong commented on the achievement and its recognition. “The Guinness Book of Records might not be ‘honoring’ cannabis-related records right now, but I know in my heart we set the record here today. It was an honor to take the first toke. Plus, who needs to be in a record book when you’ve got a blunt this big?”

The historic smoke out, captured on video, showcases the spirit of unity and creativity within the cannabis community. Fans and enthusiasts can witness the record-breaking moment and join the celebration by watching the video on YouTube.

As Tommy Chong turns 86 on May 24, his enduring influence and love for the plant continues to inspire. This record-breaking event not only honors his contributions to the culture but also highlights the vibrant and innovative spirit of the community as a whole.

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