With eight in ten users seeking access to critical basic employment benefits, JodRewards bridges the income gap and incentivising users with benefits such as Sponsored Personal Accident Insurance Coverage, Paid Break Time Cover and Transport & Meal Vouchers

  • In a local survey conducted by Jod among 1000 members, 800 surveyed respondents are benefits-starved and seek traditional employment benefits akin to full-time salaried employees
  • The launch of JodRewards will better support and protect Singapore’s gig workforce through enhanced access to insurance coverage and redeemable benefits tailored for the informal workers, that are often associated with regular full-time employment
  • JodRewards, boasting around 60,000 members, witnessed over 1,000 active engagements and a redemption of 65,000 points (equivalent to S$12,755 worth of rewards) since its soft launch in April
  • Jod will further expand JodRewards’ offerings to include benefits such as Prolonged Medical Leave Coverage and a first-of-its-kind Worker and Hiring Manager Cancellation Coverage in Southeast Asia by H2 2024
  • Since its launch in 2015, Jod aims to pioneer support for gig workers, providing them with the same benefits as traditional salaried employees to foster their success both personally and professionally

SINGAPORE, May 29, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Jobs on Demand (Jod), Singapore’s first multi-industry flexible on-demand gig work platform, launches JodRewards, an initiative to incentivise its users to complete jobs on the Jod platform while providing worker benefits to the gig economy. This comes in the wake of a local survey conducted among 1000 Jod Members, where eight out of ten surveyed members expressed a lack of access to traditional employment benefits as gig workers.

Calls for implementing changes in work-life balance and mental health recognition surged amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to an increase in employees transitioning to gig work despite sacrificing the stability and security of full-time jobs. According to a 2023 annual survey by DBS, gig workers, often dipping into their savings to cover expenses, are considered the “most financially stretched” group due to the escalating cost of living.

The JodRewards Benefits Program represents a pivotal step forward in ensuring the well-being of gig workers across various industries. Comprising a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored specifically to the needs of gig workers, this program aims to redefine the standards of support and protection within the gig economy by providing the same employment benefits akin to traditional full-time employees. Through a range of sponsored and redeemable rewards on the platform, it fosters an ecosystem that empowers the gig economy to thrive and improve the quality of life.

Speaking about the launch of this program, Sebastian San, Singapore Country Manager of Jod shared, “We are excited to launch JodRewards and play a leading role in empowering Singapore’s gig workforce – an important backbone for today’s economy. Beyond just a conventional hiring platform, Jod caters to flexible on-demand gig work across various sectors. Eight in ten of our members are seeking greater protection and employment benefits. In response to this growing demand, we’re committed to safeguarding the benefits of these gig workers. Since the launch of JodRewards, we’ve sponsored over S$400,000 worth of Group Personal Accident and Group Public Liability coverage for over 300 jobs. We are honoured by the trust and support that our brand partners have placed in us, and will continue to work towards enhancing social protection for our gig workforce.”

JodRewards, which currently has an estimate of 60,000 Jod Members, saw over 1,000 active engagements and a redemption of 65,000 points (equivalent to S$$12,755 worth of rewards) since its soft launch in April, accumulated based on the user’s tiering and the total number of hours completed per job.

The program also saw strong participation in challenges, with close to 800 members participating in challenges throughout April. The points earned could be redeemed for transport, meal, and grocery vouchers worth up to $20 each. It was particularly notable that over 600 vouchers, worth more than S$7,000 in total, were redeemed during the month. The highest number of vouchers redeemed by one Jod member was S$380 worth of grocery vouchers, which is more than the monthly average of S$211 spent by Singaporeans per month.

The JodRewards Benefits Program comprises three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Jod Members progress through these tiers by accumulating points through the user’s activity level on the platform. The program offers a comprehensive suite of sponsored benefits that members typically pay out-of-pocket. Underwritten by Etiqa Insurance Singapore, this includes personal accident coverage with up to S$3,000 in medical expenses and up to S$100,000 in permanent disability and accidental death coverage. Additionally, members also enjoy public liability coverage of up to S$100,000 per accident, safeguarding gig workers from the financial impact of workplace accidents.

Beyond the insurance-based benefits, the program also provides redeemable rewards. Members can redeem benefits such as paid break time, allowing them to receive payment for up to one hour of break time, and paid annual leave, which provides a S$80 payout for a rest day. Through these tiered benefits, the program aims to provide its members with a comprehensive suite of support, incentives and resources, both personally and professionally.

Ms Pally, a 38-year-old PMET currently undergoing a career shift, recently joined Jod. Reflecting on her membership, she adds, “Discovering the Jod app was a game-changer. As someone seeking flexible and part-time opportunities, it aligned perfectly with my needs. Jod’s prompt payout system significantly bolstered my financial stability, and the introduction of JodRewards served as a strong incentive for me to consistently perform my best, especially with redeemable rewards such as grocery vouchers. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking reliable part-time job opportunities.”

In the coming months, JodRewards will continue to expand their offerings to include benefits such as Prolonged Medical Leave, and a first-of-its-kind Worker and Hiring Manager Cancellation Coverage in Southeast Asia. This initiative aims to address the uncertainties inherent in gig work arrangements, fostering a more equitable and sustainable future in the dynamic world of gig work.

Jod remains committed to its mission of empowering the next billion workers by creating an ecosystem that allows them to connect with communities and businesses – unlocking unlimited opportunities through technology and innovation.

How Jod Works

Jod is a re-imagination of the ultimate gig worker hiring platform, built for speed and efficiency with mobile-first innovations such as Attendance Tracker and Daily Earnings Payout. This helps Employers save time and resources to hire fast.

Employers have access to a web-based dashboard to manage candidates and job applications, as well as analytics to hire more effectively.

Jod Members simply need to download the Jod App, register and they can start applying for available jobs. With Jod’s easy-to-use features, it is a quick and simple process for Gig workers to apply for jobs.

The Jod mobile app is now available for download in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia at the Android Play store and Apple App store.

About Jod

Jod is a mobile-first digital platform that easily enables employers to find and manage their workforce more effectively & efficiently. Jod deploys technology to make our products simple, flexible, easy to use and accessible.

Started in 2015, Jod launched Southeast Asia’s first gig work platform – JodGig and has since evolved to empower the new workforce as one of the fastest growing HR tech services platform in Southeast Asia.

Jod is a subsidiary of Janakuasa since 2020, a Singaporean energy MNC as part of its newly launched New Ventures division.

The company’s vision is, “To be the pioneering force in shaping a brighter future for the world’s next billion workers”. As Jod expands across Southeast Asia, the company utilises key data insights to support better job matching; promoting greater personal economic growth and improving people’s lives. 

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